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Your 5 different ways to earn via commissions 1. with the successful recommendation of a product you earn the highest commissions (minimum 325 € up to more than 100000 € per product, if not specified otherwise). When you recruit new members you will earn 2. if they upgrade to a paid membership and 3. when they or people of their Casulu pyramid (up to 3rd level) make a deal. 4. you earn a minimum of 100 € by referring a company to upload their products on Casulu. 5. You want to buy a high priced product that is not presented on Casulu. We will secure you a provision (discount) when the seller agrees with Casulu. As you can see Casulu offers a high earning potential – you can easily gain a four-digit amount per year. Simply sign up and try it out. When you are convinced that you enjoy being a salesperson or a networker, we recommend a silver or gold membership to earn higher commissions. Before you sign up for any membership, please read our examples for commissions and tips&tricks for members. Because with a gold membership you will earn the most! Do you want to make money? Please choose a username and password and enter your data in the blank fields. Also use our tools and instructions to make your Casulu experience an instant success. Good luck and high earning wishes you your Casulu team!
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Congratulations on your registration on You will receive an email with a confirmation link. You can login with your username and password once your account is activated.Please note from the beginning which membership status you are in. As Gold-Member you get the highest commissions and each activity is calculated to the actual status. Good luck wishes you your Casulu team