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Here you can contact us.If you quickly need an answer to your questions you can take a look at our FAQ. If you still have some questions we will gladly answer them personally. Please state in the subject line if you are a seller, a member or if you have a general question. This ensures that your query will be assigned correctly and answered rapidly.
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Casulu is a platform for sales and commission earnings through networking around high priced products and services. The Casulu concept is new, innovative, different and unique and benefits every single user. Recommending products and earning a high provision for it. Casulu is a place where companies and individuals meet nationally and internationally. Casulu gives the opportunity to present and offer products, services, collaborations, jobs for management or product requests on a new and innovative platform. Casulu bridges the gap between companies and private individual’s network and helps monetizing real life contacts online and helps to boost every user’s income.The major benefit for individuals is the opportunity to significantly boost the personal income via 5 different ways to earn commissions. The focus are the recommendations people give for products offered on Casulu, where the minimum commission is 325 Euros but can reach up to over 100.000 Euros after a successful deal. Additionally it is possible to earn commissions by recruiting new members and earning a fraction of their commission via the Casulu pyramid. Casulu will launch online in January 2019 and is initiated by Casulu International GmbH.

casulu: is...

  • New
  • Innovative
  • International
  • Distribution platform
  • Sales platform
  • Distribution channel
  • Bridge to new customers
  • Side job
  • Network platform
  • Dynamic
  • Fair
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Amazing
  • Cool


Casulu has been developed and founded by 2 experienced managers, sales professionals, consultants and responsible persons. The comprehensive experience in sales, management, company founding and mediating in company acquisitions and due diligence has flown into this project and Casulu’s executives. All areas of business are supported by long term professionals. The whole Casulu-team consists of experts, who have their heart at the right place.


Casulu’s philosophy is built on the fundamental values of the management team: fairness, honesty, transparency, integrity, sustainability and openness. Casulu is conceptualized in a way that every single member of Casulu benefits from this platform. Companies will boost their sales and individuals will boost their personal income. For example fairness: In some constellations it is possible that 100% of the commission will be paid out to the Casulu members. Casulu will only present serious products, because Casulu wants to remain a fair and sophisticated partner in the business and internet community in the long term.


casulu: Imprint

Casulu International
Bundhorster Chaussee 5
D - 24326 Ascheberg

FAX: +49-4526-2159814

Contact: Contact us:



CEO: Graduate economist Mihai Lupascu

Tax number: 20 291 10640

Registrationin Germany: HRB 15470

Fiscal authorities: Finanzamt Kiel

VAT identification number : DE294128188

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Frequently asked questions

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To increase your sales and to place your products on Casulu you have to read and accept the terms and conditions. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at

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